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Roses for Norway

Dear blacksmiths of the Ring,On November 12th and 13th we would like to make roses for Norway in our smith’s workshop. But we cannot do that alone. We would like to invite you to contribute to this good initiative of the blacksmiths in Oslo. Oslo’s blacksmiths are building a sculpture of forged roses made by […]

Time. State. Rock. Exhibition

Dear friends!I invite you to participate in the first All-Ukrainian exhibition of metal in the conceptual art under the name Time. State. Rock. The exhibition is scheduled for May – August 2012 and is to take place in the most prestigious exposition hall in Ukraine – the M-17 Centre of Modern Art in Kiev. Important […]

Forged Figures Park

In 2001 in the course of the regular blacksmiths festival the Forged Figures Park was established in the public garden of the City executive committee of Donetsk. The project was initiated by Victor Burduk, chief director of Ukrainian Gefest blacksmiths enterprise and master of decorative and applied arts and under the aegis of the Donetsk […]