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About the company

Бурдук Виктор Иванович (Viktor Burduk)
     Бурдук Виктор Иванович (Viktor Burduk)

Бурдук Виктор Иванович (Viktor Burduk):

I  have been engaged in art forging for more than 15 years. In 1994 I established the Gefest blacksmiths enterprise. Nowadays it is hard to believe that everything started with one hammer and two apprentices of mine. But for these 13 years there occurred very serious changes in forging methods, technologies and design, and in our public life as well.

Over these years we have become a creative team of designers and blacksmiths. It has become clear for us and our customers that there are not only coarse forged window guards, gates and fences but also different interior pieces made of forged metal combined with stained glass, stone, ceramics and wood. An important step in our development was an establishment of a separate enterprise which is the Kuznechnaya Lavka (Forge Shop) design studio. It is the place where customer’s fantasy and our designers’ efforts give birth to small ‘masterpieces’.

We have a lot of constantly multiplying experience both in manufacture organization and application of our own secrets, that’s why we can produce a huge amount of compound products. A good example of our work is a decoration of the Donbass-Palace Hotel in Donetsk.


The diploma of the world fair

EXPO 2000. Hannover, Germany

The diploma of the prize-winner of the



The Commendation of the

Minister of culture of Ukraine

The Commendation of the Donetsk

mayor for organization of the



There is a foundry, a stained-glass window workshop, sandblaster, sites of painting, zinc coating and cold forging, mechanical work site, site of transport and even an editorial office of The Magazine of Metal in our enterprise. Though we have a lot of sites I wouldn’t like to call our enterprise a factory. We are a creative workshop in which for many years foremen have been mastering their professional skills and passing it on to apprentices. We are joined by young guys who have no idea of the work with a simple angle grinder. But eventually they become real smiths. The same happens with designers, foundry workers, stained-glass window makers.

There are 10 hammers of different power, gas, coal and coke forging furnaces in our forging department. Of course, there is also a lot of equipment and devices used by each foreman.

The forging site is assisted by the cold forging bay. That’s why it is possible to replicate separate parts such as scrolls, newels, decorative bands etc.



Victor Burduk, Yevgeniy Yermak. Work at Damascus steel In the Kuznechnaya Lavka (Forge Shop) Staff of the Kuznechnaya Lavka

Material cutting is made much easier with the help of flame cut. We affixed it to the conventional cammed machine. It is very convenient to replicate feedstock for forged leaves of a compound shape, for example.

The caster enriches our products with delicate parts made of aluminium, brass and bronze. Welding is performed with electrodes, semiautomatic devices in carbonic and argon medium. Generators and other devices are used.
Reliable protection against corrosion is provided by cold zinc coating. For painting a Ransburg machine of electrostatic painting along with traditional brushes and rollers is used. It helps to increase efficiency and quality of painting and to save paint. The final step in the process of product decorating is art tinting.

It is possible to perform erecting work in a better way with the help of new technologies and Hilti equipment.

The Kuznechnaya Lavka (Forge Shop) design studio is a library and a showroom for us and our customers. Decisions are constantly searched for, ideas are generated and ready forged products, the result of the ideas realization, are demonstrated at this place. Along with traditional sketching with the help of paper and pencil, blackboard and piece of chalk, modern computer applications are used for designing.

There are our representative offices providing customers with our services in Kiev and Kharkov.

Head office in Donetsk
143, Kuibysheva Street, Donetsk, 83060
E-mail: kuz@dn.farlep.net, office@gefest.donbass-name.ru, m@gefest.donbass-name.ru
phone/fax: (062)385-48-96, 385-48-99

The Kuznechnaya Lavka (Forge Shop) design studio
14, Bogdan Khmel’nytskiy Avenue, Donetsk

Representative office in Kiev
18/8a, Vorovskogo Street, Kiev
phone: +380-44-272-54-36, +380-50-959-69-51, +380-50-353-12-38

Representative office in Kharkov
63, Shevchenko Street, Kharkov
phone: +380-57-759-86-55, +380-57-715-13-62
E-mail: kuzn-lavka@ukr.net

The Magazine of Metal
143, Kuybusheva Street, Donetsk, 83080
E-mail: m_o_m@list.ru
phone: +380-62-253-02-88
fax: +380-62-385-48-99
mob: +380-67-621-73-30

The Spanish Yard (Ispanskiy Dvorik) Hotel
12, Bohdan Khmel’nytskiy Avenue, Donetsk
phone: +380-62-385-47-53

Representative office in New-York
565 Route 10 East. Whippany, NJ 07981
Tel/fax: +380-62-385-48-96, +380-62-385-48-99

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